Sunday, 14 March 2021

Goodbye and thankyou. +Galleries.

 After 20+ years of painting little men it is time to call time on this gentile pursuit.

I always loved history and art and miniatures provided the enjoyment of both, the painting provided the art, the study and research into what your painting provided the history. At times it has been a great escape from this modern ,noisy and sometimes unpleasant world . But i am sure i share these sentiments with many of you. 

 I would like to say thankyou to all who have enjoyed visiting and commenting here over the years, and i hope some of you have found inspiration here as i have with other blog sights!

I have done these galleries, of 28mm Medieval wars of roses, Burgundians and hundred years war figures, selected from my archives for anyone wanting to use for reference for there own projects, and for posterity .

Good luck in the future and may you all realize your future projects and goals. Regards Chris

28mm wars of Roses




28mm Burgundians

                                                  Swiss Saubanner

   28mm hundred years war

                                                         Painted for front ranks web sight


  1. Inspirational work, Chris! Good luck to you.

  2. I wish you well, Chris. Your brushwork is always a marvel to behold.

  3. Thanks, Chris, your works were always an unattainable standard. Good luck! 8)

  4. Best of luck, Chris. Remember you can always come back if you want to! I hope you will keep your blog up as continued inspiration for us all :)


  5. Most beautiful and colorful figures...Good luck!

  6. What can one say to convince you stay. The talent you possess should be constantly tested and displayed.Good luck in whatever endeavours you decide upon.

  7. Chris you will always and forever be an inspiration to me. Thank you for all your post and knowledge that you shared with us in all that is War of the Roses and other projects.

    Cheers and wish you the best

  8. An awesome set of photos Chris, and there are so many other masterpieces you could have included like your Landsknechts and 15mm stuff.

    Your brushwork and passion for the late medieval and early reniassance eras have been an inspiration to me. I will miss your posts.


  9. i'm really sorry to read that. Your posts on here have been a big inspiration to me, as to many others, and I'd like to thank you for that. Good luck with whatever else you are doing but I hope you'll reconsider in time and show us some more magic.

  10. Thanks for all, Chris, and good luck!

  11. I'm sorry for your decision. I plead a wolf for all your projects, I will miss your posts that were a source of inspiration and learning, your miniatures are among the best.

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  13. Thankyou everyone for your warm comments, good luck all.

  14. I am going to miss you great work all the best for the future yours Andrew

  15. I can only echo what the others have said. Fantastic and inspirational painting over the years. Sorry to see you move on, but best of luck!