Thursday, 13 September 2018

New Lancashire games Venexia Italian wars miniatures review

After what we were all told about the Venexia miniatures molds being worn and broke, i was a bit sceptical when Lancashire games announced they were re-releasing the hole Renaissance range.
  Many will probably be sceptical too, which is why i have written this post.
I placed a small tentative order a few days ago and recieved them this morning,  being Venetian archers and the two heavy artillery packs A and B.

Luckily i still have a small number of the original sculpts given to me by pete of petes flags and was able to directly compare two of them side by side.

None of the figures have been cleaned up

   The figure on the left is the new figure from lancashire games, the one on right is the original.
               This figure is from the artillery crew that came with the cannons

       Once again left figure is the new casting and the right figure is the original

                                              And here is the cannons and crews 

This was only a small order of three packs, so cannot be looked on as a full and comprehensive review of the newly released Venexia miniatures, but the few i have been able to compare with the originals have the same details and scale and any images of original cannons and crews i was able to view also look the same.  In conclusion, and this is only my opinion, these are not some re sculpted copies of the originals but are the originals, brought back to life.

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