Saturday, 7 July 2018

15mm Bluemoon Landsknechts

After a period of 28mm Italian wars steelfist goodies, its a return to 15mm and another very fine range of Italian wars miniatures, the new bluemoon range. Got to say i really like these miniatures, they are very well detailed and on the larger end of 15mm. Bluemoons new range is also very extensive and covers most of the troop types of the period, all except the french infantry that is!
    The infantry come in bags of 30 and a real plus is the amount of variety in each bag, perfect when you are planning to paint up a number of 60+ figure pike blocks.


  1. Handsome Landsknechts, impressive pikes, great job!

  2. Wonderful looking figures; very impressive to see your talented brushwork translate so well between scales.

  3. These are great Chris - looking forward to seeing another superb pike block!

  4. Lovely looking landsknechts!
    Best Iain