Monday, 14 May 2018

Next batch of Steelfist Landsknechts

I am starting to see the finish line with this Landsknecht unit, and today i have put in an order for six more mounted Gendarmes to add to my triumph of maximillian.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

PRODUCTS. Great matt varnish and armour detail wash

Whilst i paint away at my next batch of Steelfist miniatures, i wanted to share a few products i purchased in recent months.
  I think having a blog is not all about showing your painted miniatures but also a place to share your hobby.

   For all the years i painted miniatures i had never found a true matt varnish, not one, they always left a semi shine on the surface,  but not anymore, AK interactives ULTRA matt varnish is exactly that, totally matt, and i will say again absolutely flat matt. I still use my Valejo matt varnish as first coat then apply AK  second to get the matt finish. 

The second recent product is Citadels NULN OIL wash, the idea of purchase being to see if it was good to tone and detail armour. The results have been superb on Steelfists Landsknechts armour, and has totally replaced my old Valejo wash. This NULN OIL is more subtle and you can build up the layers to the desired depth you seek. If  you hve not tried them and are looking for a product to do the above mentioned jobs , these come highly recommended.