Monday, 30 April 2018

A few Steelfist Landsknechts

A few Steelfist Landsknechts. I am doing them in batches of four , each batch with a different colour scheme.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

More Italian wars goodies from bluemoon

My plans for a  renewed 15mm Italian wars project is now assured, these latest releases have made my year.
 Overall bluemoons new Italian wars range has to be the fullest and best available in this scale, and its great for anyone wanting to do this period as you can now do an Italian wars project using figures from one source, instead of having to find what is the best available from multiple manufacturers as was the case in the past. I am also impressed with there Spanish infantry, past manufacturers always seemed to go for the later elizabethian period look, but bluemoons seem to have the early 16th century look as shown in contemporary art works of the time. I for one am looking forward to there next releases!



                                                  Spanish Genitors

                                              Spanish infantry


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

15mm ECW Royalists

The pile of Testudo miniatures has been reduced with the kings lifeguard and John Talbots Royalist Regiments painted, also a cannon and crew from bluemoon manufacturing, all large 18mm sized figures. Flags by Wargame designs.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Steelfist Landsknechts

I made a start on the steelfist Landsknechts over the weekend, painting the command figures. The flag is from petes flags, and is made from top quality paper.
 These seem to be new sheets he has made and are the best yet, even more detailed than the old cloth ones, very pleasing.
  Why i was photographing these i also took new photos of the Maximillian knights, i took the old ones in poor light ,these are in better natural light.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

New 15mm Italian wars project taking shape.

Whilst i paint up some 15mm ECW Royalists , i am starting to formulate a new Italian wars project. I have recieved a starter order  from Bluemoon, footsore miniatures and magister militum as seen in photo.

Firstly the bluemoon Landsknechts, having removed a few from there packaging i can say they are real delightful sculpts and a worthy replacement for the lost Venexia range. They are the same size as testudo miniatures, on the 18mm size and are good clean sturdy sculpts, with a large variety per pack. I liked the old glory Landsknechts i painted but they were smaller and a bit delicate, easily bending at the ankles and a few actually broke at the ankles, Not likely these!
    Bluemoon are releasing what looks to be a substantial range for the Italian wars,  and it is fantastic that a manufacturer has finally done so, they are filling a huge gap in the 15/18mm market.

The pikes are from footsore miniatures and appear to be actual steel not copper or brass as some i have recieved in the past.

Finally i made an order to magister militum of gabions and artillery platforms and other bits and bobs to make some french artillery implacements, anyone who followed my last Italian wars spree may remember my Landsknecht battery below,

This time i will make two french artillery implacements.
  I aim to re commence this project in few months, which should give me time to polish of  my testudo ECW minis and Steelfist Landsknechts.