Wednesday, 21 March 2018

15mm Wars of Roses.

Thats the last of the Lancastrian host. Flags are a mix of petes flags and hand painted.

The Earl of Devon and Edward prince of Wales retinues. Devons flags are petes flags and Edwards and lord Wenlock are hand painted  except for Edwards heraldic flag which is another of petes great prints.

                   The Duke of Exeter and Earl of Oxfords retinues, once again Oxfords flags are the superb petes flags prints and Exeters are hand painted.

I can now paint a project that is also of great interest to me, the English civil war. I have put it of for far to long and i was intending to make the ECW/TYW my main theme this year, until all the recent Italian wars releases that is. Still i will spend next few months painting a ECW Royalist army, i have had the testudo figures and  Wargame designs flag sheets sat waiting for a few years, with just a few regiments painted in that time as seen below, so for now its all for king and country!

Monday, 5 March 2018

28mm Steelfist Renaissance knights.

 It seems these days only the superbly sculpted and extreemly historicaly accurate, and very much into my historical time zone Steelfist miniatures could  make me even think of putting paint to 28mm figures.  I was very much consigned to 15mm only and have not touched a 28mm figure for at least 18 months or more.
  I have painted these wonderful mounted Renaissance knights straight from the art work of  Maximillians triumph, banners and all.

There is some very exciting stuff going on at Steelfist miniatures,with their new Landsknechts released recently,  i just had to get myself enough to make a 44 man pikebloc( also a nice sheet of petes flags to). they are certainly the very best  and most historically accurate 28mm Landsknechts out there and likely be the best ever produced, for along time to come.   My future painting plans have been more or less dictated to by manufacturers  recent releases, , i had given up on the Italian wars due to a lack of  fine figures to paint in  15mm, now suddenly the early Renaissance is coming to life, with Steelfist 28s and bluemoon and khurasan releasing or working on releasing what look to be excellent Italian wars ranges, things have never looked so good  and with only a bit of basing to finish of my wars of roses and a part complete 15mm ECW Royalist army in the way,  the italian wars has made a unexpected and welcome leap to the top of my wish list.

Steelfist Landsknechts safely arrived