Thursday, 9 November 2017

15mm Wars of Roses. Yorkists arrayed.

My Lord, Duke of Somerset, i bring terrible news, the usurper  Edward  and  his host                        have  gained  upon us, they are but a  mile from Tewkesbury  and advance towards us arrayed  for    battle with some rather nice petes flags banners displayed!

   Duke of Somerset:
  Oh bugger, he moved fast, no time to cross the river now, men, advance beyond the Cathederal and array in the fields, i have a cunning plan!

 I couldnt help include a bit of humour to this post,  you have got to love our history!

To the Yorkist host:
    In the centre is Edward IV, to his left the Duke of Gloucester, and his right Lord Hastings.
    At the back is Richard IIIs mounted retinue, not accurate for Barnet and Tewkesbury but could not be left out of the photo shoot!


       Now its time to paint some dirty Lancastrians.



  1. Superb array of Yorkist. No worries about the mounted troops. I plan to use Warwick's standard for Tewkesbury! :)

    1. Thanks Dean, the more Heraldry the better!

  2. Superb army Chris, and some great photos. It looks superb with all the different banners arrayed.

  3. Great looking army, I suppose you must paint the Lancastrians to get the full battle but lovely and impressive work!
    Best Iain