Thursday, 19 October 2017

15mm WOTR. Earl of Warwick Retinue

More little peter piggies complete, the flags are petes printed flags except the square heraldic banner, which is lord scrope of Boltons heraldic flag, Lord Scrope was a Warwick man and the addition of his heraldic flag adds a bit more colour to the retinue. Next stage is to add four bases of Yorkist nobles, each base will be a mix of men at arms and retinue billmen, all the nobles will have fought for Edward IV at barnet and Tewkesbury!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

15mm Wars of Roses. Lord Hastings/ Burgundian hand gunners

Lord Hastings retinue completed. That concludes the boys in blue and murry. With no printed flags available i had to paint these myself, easily enough for the square banner types but the long tailed flags are just to difficult at this scale(i tried).  The last photos are Edward IVs Burgundian handgunners, and the flag is one of my left over prints from the 15mm Burgundian army i did a while back.
   I was unsure how to proceed with the Burgundians, i was going to put them in blue and murry livery with burgundian red crosses, and a burgundian flag, then i was going to give them Burgundian livery and white rose with sun in splendour badges, then i was going to give them full Burgundian livery and red cross badge with a Edward IV banner, all with the idea of them displaying some affinity to Edward IV, but in the end i went the safest and most plausable route and painted them straight up Burgundians!

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Painting table reorganized

A long overdue re organization of my painting table. I had rumbled along with my Vallejo and foundry paints for many years, and the table had become very cluttered and rather messy, as seen below.     Also many of the paints had cracked lids(the foundry pots) and worn labels, with little paint left in them.

Over the years i have normally got away with a few additions here and there, but had reached the point where a major overhaul was needed. After watching alot of youtube paint reviews( One of the great benifits of todays computer age) i invested in scale 75 paints and also purchased several reaper master paints, all browns to use for horse colours.  First impressions of the new paints are money well spent, both are great, and i plan to add more reaper paints in due time to replace the Vallejo and foundry paints i have left over.
  After purchasing the new paints i then bought some paint racks, one made of MDF for Vallejo size paint pots and the other a cheap plastic nail polish rack( another great tip from youtube!) The nail polish rack has the advantage of being able to hold any type of model paint pot.

Next job was to give the table surface a good scrub, wire wool being deployed to remove years of paint splash!

  The end result is a lot of old paints thrown in the bin and a lot of new paints sitting nice and organized on my painting table.