Sunday, 24 September 2017

15mm Wars of Roses. The Yorkist Brothers

Here is the retinues of Edward IV and Richard III/Duke of Gloucester all complete with a bit of scenery . They are based for Impetus. I have tried to get up close to show details as these peter pigs are at the true 15mm scale . Next up is Earl of Warwick and Lord Hastings, which will be four bases each.
Hope you enjoy the pics!

Monday, 11 September 2017

15mm War of Roses Richard III retinues,Earl of Warwick.

Here is the Ricardian's finished. The foot retinue has him as the Duke of Gloucester.

   And here is Richard III as at Bosworth,with extra banners of  some of the knights who fought for him at Bosworth, which  has added some nice Heraldry and colour to the unit

The hole force

And last but not least the Earl of Warwick.

          These figures were kindly given to me by Pete of Petes flags
 when i ordered some of his War of Roses banner sheets, of which the Earls Heraldic banner above belongs.
These figures apparently are from a short lived wargames foundry range, now long gone(another great range no longer available!). The few Pete kindly sent me are superb, and the ones i have left will help form a command stand for Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou,  thanks again Pete, i intend to make the best use of these delightful figures.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Friday, 1 September 2017

15mm Wars of Roses Richard III cavalry

Heres a batch of Richard IIIs cavalry, peter pig miniatures.I have put Richard on a white mount so he stands out a bit more. In all i am doing 20 of these to make his mounted retenue and to add a bit more pageantry i will include 4 or 5 hand painted banners of the knights that fought with him at Bosworth.

Of course the Royal banner and the long tailed flag here are from the outstanding Petes flags sheets.