Saturday, 4 February 2017

15mm Italian wars Imperialist collection

I finally got them photographed together as best i could. Besides the Spanish Gendarmes unit you could easily call this a German Landsknecht army! I would like to extend the Italian wars but from now on i really only want the Venexia figures, and with Sgt Major miniatures  trying to make the releases happen it only makes sense to wait it out!

                                    The whole Imperialist host. All the flags are Petes flags.

                                        The Landsknecht Pikebloc with Arquebus on wings

                                                 The Imperialist cannons and organ gun.

                                                The Imperialist commanders.

The Imperialist Cavalry, German and Spanish.

                                                  The Imperialist baggage train.

                                                Imperialist camp scene.


  1. Very impressive to see the army at its current stage - hope you continue to expand it - great paintwork!

  2. Such a wonderful collection! Marvelous splash of colors.

  3. What a fantastic collection, the abundance of flags in this period really stands out, top job.

  4. You know I love these whole army set ups, this is a fantastic set of photos Chris. The level of paint work and attention to detail is superb at this scale, really impressive. I am looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Fabulous and colorful , love the stunning camp!

  6. Awesome to see them all together. A lot of hard work there, the reward plain to see.


  7. Always love a group photo. Impressive collection.

  8. Thankyou everyone, hopefully i will be able to add more to the Italian wars in the future

  9. Fantastic looking army, nice to have seen it all individually, but even better to see it en masse!
    Best Iain

  10. Hi Chris
    Your painting is an inspiration to me and thanks for all the posts. Can I ask what rules are these based for? They seem to be a mix of different sizes. Is this to give flexibility as to what rules you use?
    Thanks again Sean