Thursday, 23 February 2017

Peterpig 15mm Wars of Roses.

Well here is the first Peterpig Wars of Roses miniatures painted, the start of my new 15mm venture!
  I plan to do some men at arms bases first, and have started with Edward IV retenue. The flags are the amazing Petes flags, shame he does not have a fuller range of WotRs flags, so future ones may be freezy water.
  I put some time in research on WotR figures and liked the look of the PP, and had read up some good reviews of the figures so cautiously ordered a couple of packs, just in case i didnt like them.
       I need not have been so cautious, the packs arrived and they are delightful little castings, very fine sculpts with nice details, well posed, and look to be made from a good quality metal. Needless to say i have made a larger order of Piggies!
   The castings are very clean, and the metal is not soft, bendy or brittle but very hard, the flag poles are very sturdy, which is great, saving time removing them, drilling holes in hands and inserting a steel wire. Most Recommended!!!
  Impetus rules  have a good basing system, the large 80mm frontages are great to add a bit of diarama and there is no limit to the number of figures you can put on the base( thats the general idea i get anyway), so Impetus basing is the order of the day for these WotR figures.


Friday, 17 February 2017

15mm Burgundian collection.

This is how far i got with the Burgundian army. The Burgundian's sure make a colorful medieval army with those fancy standards of theirs!
  I will leave this Burgundian collection alone for a while , as i am bringing my 15mm medievals back across the channel and into the Wars of the Roses, something closer to home! I had totally overlooked the WotR in 15s, so will be giving the Peterpig minis some paint, and for once i will aim to base them according to some rules, in this case impetus.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

15mm Italian wars Imperialist collection

I finally got them photographed together as best i could. Besides the Spanish Gendarmes unit you could easily call this a German Landsknecht army! I would like to extend the Italian wars but from now on i really only want the Venexia figures, and with Sgt Major miniatures  trying to make the releases happen it only makes sense to wait it out!

                                    The whole Imperialist host. All the flags are Petes flags.

                                        The Landsknecht Pikebloc with Arquebus on wings

                                                 The Imperialist cannons and organ gun.

                                                The Imperialist commanders.

The Imperialist Cavalry, German and Spanish.

                                                  The Imperialist baggage train.

                                                Imperialist camp scene.