Friday, 23 December 2016

15mm Landsknecht baggage train.

Well i managed to get these done just before Xmas arrives. That's the Imperialist Landsknecht army completed, at last. This also marks a halt to the Italian wars project, i could paint the Landsknecht black band with the old glory figures i still have but i really dont want to repeat another Landsknecht pikebloc with these, and would prefer to wait things out hoping we will see Venexia's range of beautiful figures released in 2017!  I will roll out the troops for a pose photo shoot before year is out, until then Merry Xmas to everyone who follows this little blog, and for all the kind comments made!

I have added 2 mounted Venexia Gendarmes,2 Venexia  flag bearers and drummer, an Essex Gendarme and what was left of the QRF figures, all to act as a kind of baggage train guard, and populate the train as you so often see in the original wood cuts.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

15mm Landsknecht Camp Scene

Well thats the camp scene, baggage train soon to follow.  I am hoping to photo the Landsknecht army all together before the year is out and also the Burgundian army too. The tents are by Baueda, the figures a mix of QRF and old glory, and i managed to add a few more of Petes flags into the scene. The baggage and women cooking set are all from Donnington miniatures.