Monday, 10 October 2016

15mm Venexia italian wars command stand WIP

A few months back when i was whining about Venexia miniatures, i put in an order with Petes flags for some of his new burgundian flags and to my delight was a small black box with the order with a number of Venexia 15mm Italian war miniatures.
  Pete was clearly aware of my lament and kindly sent the bits he had, which was an incredibly kind thing for him to do!
   Having looked at the figures it was possible to make at least one more Imperialist command stand of two mounted figures and four Landsknecht foot figures.
   I can understand what a loss these miniatures where , the samples Pete sent are  beauties, i would have loved creating the Italian wars with them.
      I will have two banner bearers on the base and its more befitting than ever that they will be Petes flags, if you see this Pete thanks again for the kind gift and i hope you like them painted!


  1. They look fantastic. I hope you get a chance to paint some more Venexia stuff in the future.

  2. The figures look great and so does the flag.
    Best Iain

  3. Great great work! Beautiful details! Top notch!

  4. Those are splendid. Lovely colours and they look perfectly in keeping with the flag.

    1. Thanks Nathan, its nice to have some Venexia included in my Italian Wars collection!
      Fingers crossed for there re-release!

  5. Hi Chris, I'm Allan at Lancashire Games Ive just bought the Venexia range and will be working on them over the next few months to release them, can I ask have you any pictures of the figures we could use on our site