Sunday, 23 October 2016

15mm Burgundian infantry/Corvus Belli news

I have finished the Mounted Burgundian Cavalry unit and  awaits basing along with the Venexia figures, meanwhile i have made a start on the planned 36 figure infantry unit which will comprise a mix of men at arms and bill and halberds. I have added some plumes to the men at arms with usual drill, wire and green stuff to give them a more Burgundian look.

Now to BAD news regarding 15mm figures, Totentanz miniatures has gained the rights to produce the Corvus Belli range of figures, which have not been in production for some time, , i always loved there Hundred years war and early imperial Romans, but just like the Venexia Renaissance range, when in production i had no real interest in actually painting 15s,  not so today! Thats why its bad news, i will have to get some and my poor wallet will suffer!!!!

 If Totentanz press release is anything to go by the HYW and Imperial Romans will be available within a few months,

 I only hope Sgt Major miniatures make a similar statement regarding the Venexia range!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

15mm Burgundians, Venexia Landsknechts and planned camp scene

Thats the final Venexia miniatures Italian wars Command base painted. I am crossing fingers that Sgt Major miniatures can pull the molds back to life, they really are the best 15mm figures of the period i have seen yet!

I have also been adding more to the third mounted Burgundian men at arms unit, all charging. I have added a few plumes and lance pennons for a more Burgundian look. I hope to get these finished soon so i can start the next Burgundian unit, 36 infantry of bill, halberd and men at arms mixed together.

The next and perhaps the last main aim for 2016 is to create this Italian wars Imperialist camp scene here, but all in good time.

Monday, 10 October 2016

15mm Venexia italian wars command stand WIP

A few months back when i was whining about Venexia miniatures, i put in an order with Petes flags for some of his new burgundian flags and to my delight was a small black box with the order with a number of Venexia 15mm Italian war miniatures.
  Pete was clearly aware of my lament and kindly sent the bits he had, which was an incredibly kind thing for him to do!
   Having looked at the figures it was possible to make at least one more Imperialist command stand of two mounted figures and four Landsknecht foot figures.
   I can understand what a loss these miniatures where , the samples Pete sent are  beauties, i would have loved creating the Italian wars with them.
      I will have two banner bearers on the base and its more befitting than ever that they will be Petes flags, if you see this Pete thanks again for the kind gift and i hope you like them painted!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Old Archive .Old Glory Swiss Pikes

Recently i have been looking through some of my old Archives of work i have done in years gone by and found these photos of some Swiss Pikeblocs i did using old Glory miniatures. The figures are some of old Glory's finest and they were a joy to paint, the only pain being the hands need drilling out to take the pikes but once done turn into a bonus as they will not pop out of there hands!
  I used Perries Swiss heads on many and suprisingly fitted well!
  Although i have since painted a Swiss army using Perry and Foundry which i think look more dynamic ,these old boys still have there own look and charm , and certainly look impressive in mass pike formation!