Wednesday, 20 July 2016

15mm Burgundian Army collection so far.

Whilst i await my Legio Heroica Burgundian order to arrive i have mustered my 15mm Burgundian army as it stands at the moment for a few quick photos.
  I intend to expand this army with a unit of infantry, 36 figures with a mix of halberdiers and men at arms, and two more cavalry units, one with 12 mirliton men at arms in the charging pose with lances leveled and the other a unit of 12 mounted crossbowmen from legio heroica!

               All the infantry are legio heroica/ the cavalry mostly Mirliton, the best combination!


  1. Fantastic army - why stop with only 1 more infantry unit and 2 cavalry!?

    Great new "Pavia" background to the blog as well.

    1. Thankyou Oli, you have just got to love that Pavia battle painting, so colourful, really gives you motivation to paint the period!
      At the moment i have been working on duel 15mm projects, the Swiss/Burgundian wars and the Renaissance, the main effort being the Renaissance so i am just going to be adding a few units to the former to keep it in progress, before going at the Renaissance!

  2. Hello,

    Excellent !! superb army !!!


  3. Lovely looking army, really fine quality painting.
    Best Iain