Sunday, 26 June 2016

15mm Italian wars XI. Landsknecht Arquebus.

Here are some of the Arquebus to  complete the first landsknecht infantry formation. I have studied  the old woodcuts and art work of the period showing Arquebus formations on the wings of the pikeblocs, so i will base them in two 12 figure blocs one each side of the pike formation.

 I made a small order from museum miniatures, a pack of Arquebus ,which are here in the photo mixed with old glory, the multi barrel organ gun and the mounted command pack Maximilian which i am going to paint as Francis 1st command base( The mtd command figure just cries out to be a king)
      Museum minis are very nice quality sculpts and a little larger than old glory, the only draw back is there packs of infantry are pretty much identical figures in same pose but one pack mixed in with the old glory and painting them in different colours and it is not that noticeable!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

15mm. Italian wars X. Landsknecht Pikes and the collection so far

The first Landsknecht pikebloc is finished. After 3 months of working on 15mm Renaissance, i am starting to create something of an army, well an Imperialist one anyway!
  I  almost added some Venexia  italian wars miniatures to my lead pile after bidding on ebay , but in the end lost out to higher bidders,i would love to have added some of these now out of production miniatures to my collection, and a real shame they are not in production anymore. I believe a company called Sgt Major miniatures purchased the molds of the figures from Venexia!

I intend to continue focusing on the Imperialists with Landsknecht  Arquebusiers,  a command base with Gotz Von Berlichingen, perhaps a organ gun from museum miniatures, and a Imperialist camp scene.

Beyond that, i will turn my brushes to the Spanish, and Khurasan's early Renaissance Spanish range look the best choice, with some very nice figures.

All the flags are Petes flags paper prints.

And this is the whole German Renaissance army so far

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Friday, 10 June 2016

15mm. Italian wars VIII. Cannon Emplacement completed.

Well there it is, my first ever diorama type creation.  I added one of Petes printed flags to the scene which not only adds a bit of colour but also acts as an Imperialist identification marker! I have plans for a camp scene, using the same type and size base, with large pavilion tent and baggage ect, but
the next job is to finish the Landsknecht pikebloc,  then spend a bit of time on basing up everything.


Monday, 6 June 2016

15mm Medieval/Renaissance Cavalry Parade.

Whilst i continue the final work on the Landsknecht Cannon Emplacement, i have photographed my 15mm Cavalry thus far painted, 72 riders and 72 horses in all.

The Medieval Burgundian Cavalry.

The Italian wars Cavalry.

Friday, 3 June 2016

15mm Italian wars VII. Cannon emplacement progress.

I have added boxes, barrels of gunpowder, cannonballs made from green stuff, a few homemade cannon rods, and a basket of green and red apples for the hungry Landsknecht crews.

Once i have completed this i will return to finishing of the Landsknecht pikebloc!