Monday, 14 March 2016

Swiss commander Von Diesbach.

There it is, the final installment i had planned for this Swiss army, after this years additions i can finally call this a collection/Army. I painted the flag as i could not get the correct sized one to print, but it feels more satisfying to have done my own Heraldry on this final group.

Although i could in the future make some small additions here and there( Seeing as i still have some spare perry Swiss heads)i generally see this project as complete, and sometime within next few weeks i will set aside a photo shoot of them together.

 Now i can direct more time to my 15mm aims i have planned this year. I will add the Bastard of Burgundy to my Burgundian collection which will mean i have doubled the size of this army and then i will be giving some serious time on the pile of old glory 15mm Landsknechts i have had sat waiting its turn, but before i charge straight into any huge pike blocs i have cleaned up  this cannon and crew to paint first, something nice and easy!


  1. Brilliant command base! I will also turn my focus on landsknechts later that year but in 28mm :-) Still hoping for the plastic landsknechts to be released someday by Warlord...

  2. Chris, that is a beautiful flag you have created, very well done.

  3. Hello,
    Superb command !!

  4. Great flag, lovely figures, bring on the army photos!
    Best Iain

    1. Thankyou Iain, will do the photo shoot soon!