Monday, 28 March 2016

15mm. Italian wars Landsknechts I

The Italian wars in 15mm has now well and truly commenced, these are old Glory 15s.
  I have looked again  at my original plan to paint one huge bloc of 110 of these and broken it down and instead will make two 60 figure Imperialist  landsknecht pike blocs with nine or ten swordsmen out in front which will make the hole unit more or less around seventy figures each. Perhaps Christopher(axebraker) was right, i think a little megalomania was creeping in to attempt 110 figures for one bloc!
  I will also use the same plan for the Landsknecht black band(in french service) which means in all i have three landsknecht pikeblocs to paint, so these few painted are a drop in the ocean, but will make a colourful sight !
    After a period of printing or painting my own flags its back to the Beautiful  Petes paper printed flags, which i have used here and will be using for the hole Italian wars project!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

15mm. The B****** of Burgundy .

The Bastard of Burgundy, a 15mm Donnington miniature, the rest are Mirliton. This means i have now doubled the 15mm Burgundian army in size this year, and leaves me content to leave this army in bed for a while  and concentrate all my efforts towards making a more significant impact on my 15mm Renaissance ambitions.

    Here is a dry run of what the center bases of the Landsknecht Pike bloc will consist of, with banners, musicians, Halberds and a few commanders. In all this is going to be the largest undertaking of the Renaissance project with about 110 figures in total.

         But first i am going to make a Landsknecht cannon and 6 crew and have painted the cannon.

Also i have more heavy cav from Essex on the way as i would like one more heavy cav unit and add another rank to the french Gendarmes with less horse armour and plumes! The italian wars are going to be getting alot of attention in the coming months!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Late Medieval Swiss Army collection.

Here is my Swiss army collection, all together for the first time.  I decided to get straight on with the photos. In a era of perry plastic multi part figure sets, i am rather pleased to have limited the plastic in this collection to a half dozen or so plastic head replacements, with everything else metal. a mix of Perry and foundry Swiss being the theme from start to finish. I have nothing against Perry plastics of course, i have seen to much great work done with them, they are just not for me!
  The perry metal Swiss head set was a real boon, and fitted perry and foundry alike, helping enormously to give the army an overall Swiss look!
   I have completed my first goal of the year, and look to the next goals, the Italian wars in 15mm, and Swiss/Burgundians in 15mm.

Thankyou to all who have followed and given kind comments as this has slowly grown the last two and a half years, it has been very much appreciated and helped me to see it through, cheers!

I have done my best to get some decent photos, hope you enjoy them.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Swiss commander Von Diesbach.

There it is, the final installment i had planned for this Swiss army, after this years additions i can finally call this a collection/Army. I painted the flag as i could not get the correct sized one to print, but it feels more satisfying to have done my own Heraldry on this final group.

Although i could in the future make some small additions here and there( Seeing as i still have some spare perry Swiss heads)i generally see this project as complete, and sometime within next few weeks i will set aside a photo shoot of them together.

 Now i can direct more time to my 15mm aims i have planned this year. I will add the Bastard of Burgundy to my Burgundian collection which will mean i have doubled the size of this army and then i will be giving some serious time on the pile of old glory 15mm Landsknechts i have had sat waiting its turn, but before i charge straight into any huge pike blocs i have cleaned up  this cannon and crew to paint first, something nice and easy!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Swiss Crossbows and next command base.

Heres the last Crossbow unit, the Bern contingent. Not sure if flag is correct but looks right to me!

        These three will make the final command base of Niklaus von Diesbach. All are Perry metals, center and right hand figures have had head swaps and their removed helmets hang from their belts! I have avoided to many fully armoured types in this army but for this command base i have made an exception.

So, now that i have almost finished with this Swiss army i will be setting time aside to try and get some decent photos of them altogether, and i am really looking forward to it, its been a few years in the making, so it will be a great to have them photographed together!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

28mm Swiss Crossbows

My latest push to complete this Medieval Swiss army, two units of Crossbows, and the third and final unit underway.
                                            Schwyz Crossbow unit.

                                               Zurich crossbow unit.

                                                  Bern Crossbow unit so far.

Friday, 4 March 2016

15mm Burgundian. Pike unit.

My 15mm Burgundians have been getting plenty of attention in last couple of weeks, with charles the bolds mounted retinue re-flagged and new lances,  the bastard of Burgundy's mounted retinue well under way and this unit of pikes finished and based.  I have taken one of the spare pikemen and turned him into a dead Swiss to add a little extra drama to the unit!
  This makes my 15mm total so far 194 little men and 60 little horses!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

15mm Burgundian. Charles the Bold Re flag

I have returned to this unit as i was not happy with the  mirliton lances which were bending and snapping of at the littlest touch so i have removed all of them and replaced them with steel spears and added some printed long tailed flags amongst the original square banners which were also removed and had the poles cut shorter.

The original set up, as you can see a number of riders are already missing there lances(Totally broken)!

After replacement. Hope this is of significance to anyone thinking of painting any of these in the future, the figures themselves are terrific, probably the best 15mm late medieval cavalry around only let down by the soft delicate lances that are supplied with them!