Friday, 29 January 2016

Swiss Saubanner finished.

All based and finished. Next Swiss on the table is Niklaus Von Scharnachtal command base. Feels good to add a bit more to the Swiss collection.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Swiss Saubanner and Crowd.

All the figures are foundry except the banner bearer which is a Perry. Now just basing to do!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Swiss Saubanner.

Another of my new year resolutions was to add a little more to my Swiss which has lain dormant for several months now(After all the hard work was completed). I drew this sometime ago and have finally painted it, and a very difficult flag to paint, due to the faded and worn original.

I have used two references to help me, ospeys Swiss at war providing a good image of the original in Zug museum which is  worn and faded and a careful search of the internet finally provided a colour scheme to work on in this modern replica below.

The flag was used by men from Zug and other cantons in early 1477 who were demanding there share of the loot from the Burgundian wars.
  I intend to make a vignette of five figures stood around the Saubanner flag bearer, plus make some extra additions to the  swiss collection with a few command bases and Crossbowmen.

Thanks for looking

Heres another version from the Bern chronicle.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

ECW Royal gathering wip1

Its been a while since i last posted anything, what with the time of year and reality of life itself getting in the way!
  Thankyou to everyone who kindly commented on the figures i posted here in 2015 and will try to keep it up in 2016, and i hope you all realize your painting goals for the year ahead and look forward to seeing them in all there painted glory.
   So for 2016 the largest project i have on the table is a 115 figure Landsknecht pikebloc and a 70 to 85 figure Landsknecht pikebloc of the black band which makes the total of  around 185 to 200 figures altogether and at 15mm scale should be achievable and of course i intend to use the petes flags sheets to the full !
  Another aim this year is to paint a bit more pike and shot era ECW/TYW figures and this ECW Royal standard bearer and Prince Rupert bicorne figure are part of a vignette i have started on recently and will also include bicorne miniatures king charles foot set. The flag is by GMB designs

Thanks for reading and once again thanks to everyone who made so many kind comments in 2015.