Friday, 23 October 2015

Ye old Burgundian standard bearer.

I say Ye old as i made this about 8 years ago when i was younger and more creative with miniatures!
 If memory serves me right i spent a week cutting, burring and modelling with green stuff to transform this figure and perhaps as long again on painting the flag, horse, and rider.

Back to modern times the 15mm campaign is forming with 12 Essex Renaissance Gendarmes ready to be painted as Spanish heavy cavalry, and i have recieved 200 Landsknechts from old glory, consisting of pikemen,sword and halberdiers, command and artillary.  There was a lot of choice on manufacturers but in the end i went with old glory as they have large bags of 50 figures with plenty of variety and at a unbeatable price, and another bonus i had not seen was they came with there own hard wire pikes, and the figures look pretty good too.