Saturday, 27 June 2015

Francis I and 15mm french Gendarmes.

These are some of the Essex 15mm Gendarmes I ordered, to make a start on the Renaissance period,  they are superb little sculpts and at just over £20 including postage for 18 of these little beauties you cannot grumble at the price too!
   The French king is to the right of the Royal banner bearer and I based the decoration of rider and horse on the work of art in ospreys battle of Pavia p90-91
They have moulded on lances which are very sturdy and strong compared to the mirliton burgundian knights lances ,and the flags are the 15mm paper flags from petes flags.
Have a nice weekend all!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

28mm Swiss Halberdiers.

Finally finished the basing on these Swiss, and I guess these may well be the last 28mm figures to appear here for some time. I have discovered a new world in 15mm scale and aim to cover the Burgundian wars and Italian wars  which keeps me in the 1470s to 1530s period( Nothing wrong with that !).



Monday, 15 June 2015

15mm Charles the Bold

That's my very first 15mm unit completed, and I have already learned a hard lesson, don't use the lances that come with the figures, two have broken with just a little handling, they are simply to delicate so in the future I will use a tip I have picked up on a forum and cut down a north star pike and fatten the bottom end with modelling putty!!! I will replace the two broken ones in this way sometime in the future.
  So next is to finish of the rear ranks of Swiss and then its time to get the Renaissance period really rolling, I have ordered a number of Essex French Gendarmes and have received an order of the excellent petes flags, Spanish and French Renaissance sheets, I had asked him for the landsknechts banner but unfortunately the rights went to pro Gloria but he kindly sent me a sheet of the landsknecht black band who fought for the French and were destroyed out at the battle of Pavia, needless to say I very much appreciate the kind gesture , and as usual am very impressed with the superb quality of detailing, and strong colours of the flags, which are every bit as good in 15s as they are in 28s, and I look forward to adorning my Renaissance units with these colourful and detailed banners!

Friday, 12 June 2015

15mm Swiss midle ranks

My first 15mm pikebloc continues to take shape( Swiss of course).
  The next order from legio heroica ( Very friendly company to make an order with)  has arrived giving me the extra Swiss and enough Burgundians to make a unit of Archers and a 32 figure Burgundian pike unit.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

15mm Burgundians/Swiss progress

A little progress with my 15mm venture, all 18 Burgundian cav painted and the Swiss front ranks.