Saturday, 28 March 2015

Richard III Perry minitures

I painted the figures about a month ago, but sat waiting for me to get the enthusiasm to paint the flag.

                                                           LOYAULTE ME LIE

Monday, 23 March 2015

Swiss Halberdiers 1 and Saubanner

The first two ranks of Swiss halberdiers completed, when all are finished it will be 32 strong, which seems about right to represent the Nachhut. They are the usual mix of Perry and foundry figures with a sprinkling of head swaps! I am going to use the Swiss national flag in the pointed Fahnlein type. I can see no other alternative as this group would be made up of contingents from all cantons so a single canton flag seems inappropriate.

Having the foundry halberdier pack has left me with three spare swiss halberdiers in a standing position which would not have fitted in with the flow and movement of the collection so I am going to convert one to a banner bearer displaying the Zug Saubanner I have sketched below, standing with the other two on a little diorama.
This is an actual banner in Zug museum and was apparently used as a banner in 1477 shortly after the Burgundian wars by a group of swiss from zug and other cantons who broke out into a somewhat riotous campaign demanding there share of the loot gained from the Burgundian wars.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Front rank HYW

Early last year front rank asked me if I would paint a few packs of their HYW range, the period is a bit early for me but front rank are a favourite medieval range and its an honour to have been asked!