Sunday, 1 February 2015

Swiss based up and finished

That's the second one out the way. I am now trying to work out the Halberdier bloc, and figures to use! I cannot focus my camera on more than one bloc so have not photo graphed the two blocs together but hopefully in future I will be able to use the camera better.
I will give a brief recap on the figures and extras used and my verdict:

Perry figures. The main component of the bloc, and good value and quality figures!
Foundry Swiss range. Love these figures, true Swiss and full of character!
Perry Italian heavy infantry. A few converted to Pikemen and Halberdiers
Perry Italian command. Used the drummer with perry swiss head swap
Perry Swiss metal head set. Superb set of heads, and really could not make a Swiss army without them!
Perry plastic heads. Poached from my dismounted men at arms box,  gave more variety of helmet styles!
Pete's cloth flags. Very fine flags and beats painting them!
North star Pikes.  North star Pikes are just like the real thing, very sharpe and out right dangerous in the wrong hands!

Thank you everyone who followed this and made kind comments, it really does help to motivate you and has given me the desire to make this Swiss project grow even more.