Friday, 10 October 2014

Swiss Pikes. A bit of progress

Three of four front rank bases completed. The front bases have three ranks deep and the rear ones will have two ranks, which is opposite to the first one I did earlier in the year. A few have plastic heads and some have heads from the metal Swiss heads set. Once again a mix of Perry and foundry miniatures.
Have a great weekend all.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Versatility of Perry

These are the latest Perry miniatures I have prepared for painting for my Swiss. I will not be posting every time I have a figure ready as it would be boring but just to show how versatile  Perry's medieval range is.
Left to right: 1st and 2nd figure from Italian foot command, 3rd figure from Italian heavy infantry, and given a halberd , 4th figure from perry's new standard bearers set.
The two plastic heads are from the new dismounted men at arms plastic box, the drummer has a head from perry's Swiss head set. The 4th figure needed no converting!