Saturday, 13 September 2014

Preperation for 2nd Perry Swiss Pike bloc

 I have been looking at my pile of foundry and progloria Landsknechts for 6 months and still  cannot bring my self to clean them up and start painting them, I really cannot explain my fear of this inoffensive pile of lead, but there it is.

However its been some time now since I finished the 1st Swiss pike bloc and I always planned to do a second one, and  this is one project  I intend to start and complete.
       This one will be all advancing this time so no nasty levelled pikes to impale my hands on .
To keep in theme with the first one I have ordered the bulk of figures from Perry with one pack of foundry Swiss pike men to add variety .
 For command types and musicians i am going to try and get away with using Perry's Italian foot command with some Swiss head swaps rather than be repetitive and use foundry's again .

In the meantime I have these to add a bit more fully armoured types with these Perry war of roses figures. It never fails to amaze me how a simple head swap or removal of a hand held polearm to standard bearer can totally change the original figures.
Well that's the plan,


  1. Hey Chris,this is great news that you are starting on your 2nd Swiss bloc project! looking forward to step by step work in progress on your Perry and Foundry miniatures...cheers!

    1. Cheers Phil, I will update as progress is made.

  2. Looking forward to following this Chris. Change of heads does make the figures look the part - however I'm still holding off, in the hope of some more Swiss metals to appear in the pipeline....

    1. That's why your Swiss have stalled Simon!
      More medieval metal Swiss would be nice but how long to wait!!