Friday, 26 September 2014

Medieval miniature goodies

I have finally decided to follow everyone else, lemming like, and purchase a box of perry plastics!
 They have been around long enough, but I never was taken with them. Now I am the owner of one of their dismounted men at arms set. The shear volume of parts is amazing. I have no idea who or what to do with them yet, but I have already poached two useful helmeted heads for my 2nd Swiss pike bloc!

After purchasing 50+ perry figures for the 2nd Swiss pikebloc  i had a lucky purchase, 28 foundry Swiss on ebay, most of them in the pose I wanted, . It was not my intention to have so many foundry Swiss but if you can grab em at the price I got these then I will use them, they are still beautiful figures and as the last group of Swiss I did showed, they more than stand up to the newer perry offerings, and add considerable variety.
I have also got my mitts on the new perry metal standard bearers, one of which is already earmarked to be standard bearer to Schwyz ! They are a wonderful new addition to the perry's metals.

As if all this was not enough I have ordered 70+ Mirliton and legio heroic 15mm Swiss and mounted men at arms. After years of wanting to, I have finally given in to my desire to try my hand at 15mm  and I am looking forward to the challenge of  creating a pikebloc in this scale.

More on the 28mm Swiss over the weekend.


  1. Well, if converting to the plastic-religion, then the Perry Foot Knights seem a great choice. I look very much forward to seeing what someone with your painting skills can do with these excellent sculpts.

  2. I'll echo BP and say I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with the sculpts.


  3. Thank you Christopher and Soren, for having such faith in me!
    These new plastics are a new experiment for me, so please don't expect to much!