Saturday, 27 September 2014

Second Swiss Pikebloc underway.

I have finally formulated the plan for this second Swiss pikebloc.
It will be between 55 and 60 figures of cantons of Bern, Schwyz, Zug and Schaffhausen, which should make a colourful bloc.
I am not sure of Schaffhausen's canton colour, but believe it was yellow, but I am not sure, if anyone knows different please let me know!!!
  I have included Hans Von Hallwyl, a commanding officer of Bern, and painted his standard bearer to add a bit more interest and colour, and may yet also add into the mix another Bern commander Niklaus von Diesbach .(it would be a good excuse to try a plastic man at arms!)
 Here is the progress so far.
  Left to right: Banner of Zug, Zug commander, Hans von Hallwyl standard, Hans von Hallwyl, and lastly banner of Bern.     

     The fellow on the left is a Bern man at arms and the pikes are the first of the Schwyzer contingent . 2nd from left is a foundry figure, the rest are perry.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Friday, 26 September 2014

Medieval miniature goodies

I have finally decided to follow everyone else, lemming like, and purchase a box of perry plastics!
 They have been around long enough, but I never was taken with them. Now I am the owner of one of their dismounted men at arms set. The shear volume of parts is amazing. I have no idea who or what to do with them yet, but I have already poached two useful helmeted heads for my 2nd Swiss pike bloc!

After purchasing 50+ perry figures for the 2nd Swiss pikebloc  i had a lucky purchase, 28 foundry Swiss on ebay, most of them in the pose I wanted, . It was not my intention to have so many foundry Swiss but if you can grab em at the price I got these then I will use them, they are still beautiful figures and as the last group of Swiss I did showed, they more than stand up to the newer perry offerings, and add considerable variety.
I have also got my mitts on the new perry metal standard bearers, one of which is already earmarked to be standard bearer to Schwyz ! They are a wonderful new addition to the perry's metals.

As if all this was not enough I have ordered 70+ Mirliton and legio heroic 15mm Swiss and mounted men at arms. After years of wanting to, I have finally given in to my desire to try my hand at 15mm  and I am looking forward to the challenge of  creating a pikebloc in this scale.

More on the 28mm Swiss over the weekend.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Gripping Beast Teutonic Knights.

Some Gripping beast Teutonic Knights I Painted some months ago Very nice chunky and mean looking sculpts!!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Preperation for 2nd Perry Swiss Pike bloc

 I have been looking at my pile of foundry and progloria Landsknechts for 6 months and still  cannot bring my self to clean them up and start painting them, I really cannot explain my fear of this inoffensive pile of lead, but there it is.

However its been some time now since I finished the 1st Swiss pike bloc and I always planned to do a second one, and  this is one project  I intend to start and complete.
       This one will be all advancing this time so no nasty levelled pikes to impale my hands on .
To keep in theme with the first one I have ordered the bulk of figures from Perry with one pack of foundry Swiss pike men to add variety .
 For command types and musicians i am going to try and get away with using Perry's Italian foot command with some Swiss head swaps rather than be repetitive and use foundry's again .

In the meantime I have these to add a bit more fully armoured types with these Perry war of roses figures. It never fails to amaze me how a simple head swap or removal of a hand held polearm to standard bearer can totally change the original figures.
Well that's the plan,