Saturday, 31 May 2014

A few war of roses and a Landsknecht

Sorry its been a while I posted anything here,  not really much to post.

Soren, been over to your blog, surprised to see you mentioned mine, a big thanks for nominating this little blog of mine, and for the kind comments. Hope you like this little group!

First the Landsknecht came free with a foundry order(nice of them). I  have painted him as a member of the black band(or legion), which was in French pay and fought against their own country men at battle of Pavia, I don't know if any of them would have sported  the french fleur de lis emblem but it shows who's camp he is in!

I have used a white Swan reference from a original manuscript showing emblems used by Henry VI. I have no other reference to the white Swan being use by Henry VI but it was used by his glorious father Henry V on one of his personal long tailed banners, so this is pure conjecture but I really liked the look of this emblem and the above references were a good enough excuse to paint it in the hands of a Henry VI standard bearer.

Lastly I have added a mounted trumpeter to my little Richard III group of mounted retainers.
Once again both war of roses figures are from front ranks range.

        Thanks all for having a look


  1. Great paint job and splendid baneer!

  2. gosh! Great looking miniatures but most of all I love your painting style - bloody marvelous! (excuse my french) ;o)

  3. Your blog and painting deserves all the attention it can get! Your clean style has been an inspiration, helping one to develop as well. I think I've mentioned it before, but to game with a complete army painted in the above standard would simply be a visual pleasure overload. The banner is extremely nice as is the usual soft highlighting you serve up.

    1. Thankyou Soren, and thanks again for mentioning my little blog.

  4. Surprising work 8)
    I congratulate!

  5. Great work! The banner is spectacular!
    Best regards

  6. Very nice indeed all of i, but that banner is spectacular!


  7. Fantastic paintwork on those banners and heraldry - beautiful.

  8. Great work Chris, I have nominated you for the Liebster award:

  9. Hello,
    Excellent painting !!!
    A question : what colours use for the skin ?

  10. Hi Nikko, thankyou
    I have used many different paints for flesh over the years, but in last several months have been using foundry's expert flesh colours, and they are really great.
    I start with 127A then 127B, then highlights with 127C and finally touches of 127F for super highlights. To give the fingers more definition use a bit of a reddish brown colour between each finger.
    Thank you for asking, a pleasure