Saturday, 31 May 2014

A few war of roses and a Landsknecht

Sorry its been a while I posted anything here,  not really much to post.

Soren, been over to your blog, surprised to see you mentioned mine, a big thanks for nominating this little blog of mine, and for the kind comments. Hope you like this little group!

First the Landsknecht came free with a foundry order(nice of them). I  have painted him as a member of the black band(or legion), which was in French pay and fought against their own country men at battle of Pavia, I don't know if any of them would have sported  the french fleur de lis emblem but it shows who's camp he is in!

I have used a white Swan reference from a original manuscript showing emblems used by Henry VI. I have no other reference to the white Swan being use by Henry VI but it was used by his glorious father Henry V on one of his personal long tailed banners, so this is pure conjecture but I really liked the look of this emblem and the above references were a good enough excuse to paint it in the hands of a Henry VI standard bearer.

Lastly I have added a mounted trumpeter to my little Richard III group of mounted retainers.
Once again both war of roses figures are from front ranks range.

        Thanks all for having a look