Saturday, 15 March 2014

A bit more mounted war of roses

I have added a few more mounted knights to my rather slowly growing group!
 Well I guess the centre figure will have given the game away as to what I am aiming for here, Richard III and his loyal fellowship who fought with him at Bosworth , the figure to his left is Sir John kendall who was Richards secretary and died with him at Bosworth,  and to his right is a personal retainer in his livery.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Swiss Pike bloc based up and finished

All based and done!
I am not to great with terrain but dug out my box of trees and grass panel for the final photos of them all together. I could not resist taking a few shots of the Swiss going up against the artisan Landsknechts.  Ok there is a wee bit of a time difference between them but they make a colourful scene! I decided to leave the blood I spilled on the base and simply based over it!!In a weird way it  makes me feel a bond with them, albeit  purely by accident .
    My next largish project I would love to do is a mix of foundry and pro Gloria landsknechts in a similar set up to this group, well hopefully in near future but for now I am happy to give my hands a rest from extremely sharp and dangerous implements!
 Anyway once again thanks everyone for following and taking the time to comment and hope you enjoyed it and the photos!