Friday, 28 February 2014

Edward IV Billmen. War of Roses.

Some of front ranks war of roses billmen painted up in Edward IV livery and badges. Still my preferred war of roses manufacturer after all these years!

      Hope you like!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Swiss rear ranks finished

All finished, well painting the figures anyway. I am waiting till I get them based up before taking pictures of them together with the front ranks!
If you look hard enough at the back end of the far left base in the picture showing the rear of the minis you may just make out a patch of red stuff, which is proof that I have not only put a lot of time into this little bloc but have spilled blood to get it done.  I have pricked my hands and fingers on those pikes a dozen times and when I finally have them finished and preparing them for photos I really went and impaled my finger, those North star pikes are very sharp.
A big thank you to everyone who has given me their kind comments and followed my Swiss pikebloc over last few months and i will post photos of the hole group when based.

Monday, 17 February 2014

I have added the next base of rear rankers with flags and here is how the rear ranks are looking.
Almost complete!



Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wars of Roses

I have found the time to paint up a few more of front ranks  war of roses mounted men at arms and the three foot figures are Steel fist miniatures representing the Duke of Somerset.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Swiss Pike

Here is the second base of rear ranker's, made up of  the Uri contingent and a Glarus halberdier and standard bearer. As mentioned in an earlier post the standards are from Pete's cloth flags. I also have the Landsknecht sheet too, and I will have to say the colours on them are far more vibrant than could be achieved if hand painted with acrylic paint, and they are very well detailed too!
I have added a little brief on sticking these cloth flags after the photos.

Pete's cloth flags

 I used white wood glue to stick them to the poles, when sticking paper flags they will easily be stuck around the pole, literally stick all the way round it first time, and your done , but  because these are cloth they didn't  take to the pole as easy. So after cutting out the flags I folded them at the half way point and then glued them as normal to the pole, then placed them on a flat surface, i then placed a heavy object with a flat edge on the flag making sure the flat edge was right up to the pole but not on it, and left them to set( which was about half hour with wood glue).
Then where the pole meets the flag at top and bottom I added a drop of super glue to add strength to the bond. After the usual bit of painting around the edge they were ready to go.

This will probably have been an irrelevant topic for most of you as you will be familiar with these flags and have your own way to stick these wonderful flags, but I thought it would be helpful to anyone who has only used paper flags before.