Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Swiss Pike

Here is the Glarus contingent of my little Swiss pike bloc finished. I have taken photos of them with the front rankers so you can get an idea of the depth and style of look they will have when all is completed. Next up is a base with two standard bearers, two halberdiers and four pikemen.
I have decided to go with one halberdier per standard bearer as to many halberds in a pike bloc this size and it will start to lose the pike en mass look.
I have been rather pleased with how the foundry Swiss have mixed in well with the Perry figures and they add  more variety to the poses of the group.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Swiss Pike

Here are the front ranks finished. I added a few dead Burgundians , and discarded pole arms.
The pavises are actually shields from the Italian men at arms pack I used to mix in with the Swiss, I think they have a pavise look and not wanting to waste them decided they will do . One of the dead Burgundians is also from the Italian men at arms pack, when I was converting some of them into pikemen and hollowing out the inside of their hands I went to far with this one and broke his hand of, and threw him in the scrap box.
After a bit of surgery and leg bending he is resurrected and takes pride of place amongst the Burgundian debris.
 In the past I always painted my own flags but these days  their is a lot of good quality prints or transfer's around , so I have gone with the cloth  Swiss flag sheet from Petes flags.
  Anyway here's how its looking at the moment.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mounted men at arms

Firstly happy new year to everyone. These are some of front ranks war of roses range I have been working on recently. I have always liked this range and they are superbly sculpted, especially on the armour, but having seen the superb work on other blog sights of the Perry's plastic mounted men at arms I am considering those in the future and certainly would be cheaper too!! Anyway hope you like them.