Friday, 15 November 2013

Perry Swiss

I have wanted to do a Perry Swiss pike block for some time, its been 2 or 3 years since I did some old glory ones and I have been getting the itch to create another one but don't want to repeat the past with old glory figures, so for this one I went for Perry with a couple of packs from the still very nice foundry late medieval Swiss range, but they were Perry sculpts anyway so in a way it is still going to be an all Perry affair.
The plan is for about 45-50 figures 8 to 10 figure frontage and 5 ranks deep with first two ranks with pikes levelled  and next three at an angle but I have also converted some Italian heavy infantry to hold pikes and with the inclusion of a pack of foundry unarmoured Swiss for the rear ranks there should be more variation with the angles the pikes are held at.
Here's a few I have cleaned up and stuck a few Perry Swiss heads on.
The pikes are not stuck on yet, they are just for show at moment.

I have made up a few more and given them a coat of enamel semi gloss, once this has dried properly I will give them a thin coat of  acrylic matt black.  Hopefully i can start on them in next week or so


  1. Chris please add a followers gadget to your blog so many of us can add you to our blog rolls.

  2. Thankyou Andrew, sorry yes I will do that

  3. Chris, could I make a suggestion please? I hope you don't mind?

    The undercoated mini's look a bit glossy and will be slightly more difficult to paint than if they had a more Matte finish. If you mix some Matte Medium with Vallejo Matte Black (about 60 paint/40 Matte Medium, you will get a very matte surface that doesn't reflect the light very much at all.

    Hope you don't mind my contribution?