Sunday, 21 October 2018

King Jean II and standard bearers.28mm HYW

Here is another group of French HYW. This time King Jean II, Sir Austace de Ribeaumont carrying  the french royal banner, and Sir Geoffrey de Chargny Oriflammebearer at Poitiers.

The figures are a mix of blacktree and crusader minis. I have used the old trick of linning the flags with tin foil to stiffen them and add more realistic waves.

Monday, 15 October 2018

John, Count of Luxembourg,king of Bohemia.28mm HYW

John, Count of Luxembourg and king of Bohemia, and standard bearer. Aged and near blind, he was killed leading his division attacking the Prince of Wales( Black Prince) division at Crecy in 1346.
The figures are Claymore castings and are wonderfully animated! Handpainted flag.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Edward III. Hundred years war.

Edward III. The figures are from crusader miniatures, I thought this figure looked perfect to represent him. The flag is by battleflag. For the first time i am using tin foil on the flags, it makes them stiffer and creates better waves in the flags.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

28mm Hundred years war

Its been along time since i did any 28mm medieval heraldic types, a long break from them you could say. I have been getting the urge to return to them for a while so ordered some HYW miniatures.
  Ironically, and besides painting a few for front rank and few mounted knights  i have barely touched the HYW so i have made a start on these miniatures, a mix of blacktree and crusader miniatures.
Left flag by battleflags and English Royal banner handpainted

                                 Charles comte de Evreux, Henry V ,and Sir John Codrington

Friday, 28 September 2018

15mm Landsknechts.Bluemoon/Venexia comparisons

Just a quick post,  here is some comparison photos of bluemoon and venexia italian wars for anyone wondering how they match up.
 The bluemoon have a bit more heft whilst the venexia are a little bit more realistic in proportions, overall both are great for 15/18mm scale and both have there own sculpting style.

                                       From  Left 1 to 5 Venexia. 6 to 9 bluemoon

Below.Left. bluemoon. Right Venexia

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Latest 15/18mm Italian wars

Thats this particular stage of  the Italian wars completed. I have a whole pile of Venexia miniatures now and will use them to add the Swiss and Spanish plus more french cavalry and stradiots, and anything else i have not yet done. However, i am going to give the 15/18mm a rest for a while and have some fun painting 28mm.

                                        The blackband Landsknechts in french pay

Venexia artillery and crews

                                                     French camp scene

                                           The blackband go up against an Imperialist pike block                   

Friday, 21 September 2018

Steelfist about to release more Landsknechts

Steelfist are due to release more Landsknechts, command, rear  rank pikes, arquebusiers and zwiehanders. Looking at the picture these look simply  magnificant, straight out of the woodcuts of the time. I have decided once i have completed the Italian wars in 15/18mm i will call time out with the smaller scale for a while, and go back to what i used to love most, 28mm medievals, and of course, these beauties below!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

New Lancashire games Venexia Italian wars miniatures review

After what we were all told about the Venexia miniatures molds being worn and broke, i was a bit sceptical when Lancashire games announced they were re-releasing the hole Renaissance range.
  Many will probably be sceptical too, which is why i have written this post.
I placed a small tentative order a few days ago and recieved them this morning,  being Venetian archers and the two heavy artillery packs A and B.

Luckily i still have a small number of the original sculpts given to me by pete of petes flags and was able to directly compare two of them side by side.

None of the figures have been cleaned up

   The figure on the left is the new figure from lancashire games, the one on right is the original.
               This figure is from the artillery crew that came with the cannons

       Once again left figure is the new casting and the right figure is the original

                                              And here is the cannons and crews 

This was only a small order of three packs, so cannot be looked on as a full and comprehensive review of the newly released Venexia miniatures, but the few i have been able to compare with the originals have the same details and scale and any images of original cannons and crews i was able to view also look the same.  In conclusion, and this is only my opinion, these are not some re sculpted copies of the originals but are the originals, brought back to life.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

15mm Italian wars french Nobles

Heres some French commanders/nobles at the battle of Pavia 1525.

From left to right:

1. Duke of alencon
2.Anne de Montmorency, Marishal
3.Richard de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk
4.Seigneur de la Florence

Bluemoon figures with hand painted flags.

Monday, 6 August 2018

15mm bluemoon Imperialist Landsknechts

This is a Imperialist Landsknecht pike block with Arquebusiers. Here you can see what bluemoons new Landsknechts look like in a mass pike formation, i think they are very nice miniatures .
  As always the flags are petes excellent prints, and are second to none in quality.

hope the photos look ok, i am not to good at these type of photos, always get some blurred

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Francis I Artillery batteries Pavia.

As the title to this post say's, these are to represent the French king, Francis I  heavy artillery batteries during the seige of Pavia in 1525. The figures and cannons are bluemoon's miniatures. I stuck to a blue and white colour scheme for the crews. 

Saturday, 7 July 2018

15mm Bluemoon Landsknechts

After a period of 28mm Italian wars steelfist goodies, its a return to 15mm and another very fine range of Italian wars miniatures, the new bluemoon range. Got to say i really like these miniatures, they are very well detailed and on the larger end of 15mm. Bluemoons new range is also very extensive and covers most of the troop types of the period, all except the french infantry that is!
    The infantry come in bags of 30 and a real plus is the amount of variety in each bag, perfect when you are planning to paint up a number of 60+ figure pike blocks.