Monday, 14 May 2018

Next batch of Steelfist Landsknechts

I am starting to see the finish line with this Landsknecht unit, and today i have put in an order for six more mounted Gendarmes to add to my triumph of maximillian.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

PRODUCTS. Great matt varnish and armour detail wash

Whilst i paint away at my next batch of Steelfist miniatures, i wanted to share a few products i purchased in recent months.
  I think having a blog is not all about showing your painted miniatures but also a place to share your hobby.

   For all the years i painted miniatures i had never found a true matt varnish, not one, they always left a semi shine on the surface,  but not anymore, AK interactives ULTRA matt varnish is exactly that, totally matt, and i will say again absolutely flat matt. I still use my Valejo matt varnish as first coat then apply AK  second to get the matt finish. 

The second recent product is Citadels NULN OIL wash, the idea of purchase being to see if it was good to tone and detail armour. The results have been superb on Steelfists Landsknechts armour, and has totally replaced my old Valejo wash. This NULN OIL is more subtle and you can build up the layers to the desired depth you seek. If  you hve not tried them and are looking for a product to do the above mentioned jobs , these come highly recommended.

Monday, 30 April 2018

A few Steelfist Landsknechts

A few Steelfist Landsknechts. I am doing them in batches of four , each batch with a different colour scheme.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

More Italian wars goodies from bluemoon

My plans for a  renewed 15mm Italian wars project is now assured, these latest releases have made my year.
 Overall bluemoons new Italian wars range has to be the fullest and best available in this scale, and its great for anyone wanting to do this period as you can now do an Italian wars project using figures from one source, instead of having to find what is the best available from multiple manufacturers as was the case in the past. I am also impressed with there Spanish infantry, past manufacturers always seemed to go for the later elizabethian period look, but bluemoons seem to have the early 16th century look as shown in contemporary art works of the time. I for one am looking forward to there next releases!



                                                  Spanish Genitors

                                              Spanish infantry


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

15mm ECW Royalists

The pile of Testudo miniatures has been reduced with the kings lifeguard and John Talbots Royalist Regiments painted, also a cannon and crew from bluemoon manufacturing, all large 18mm sized figures. Flags by Wargame designs.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Steelfist Landsknechts

I made a start on the steelfist Landsknechts over the weekend, painting the command figures. The flag is from petes flags, and is made from top quality paper.
 These seem to be new sheets he has made and are the best yet, even more detailed than the old cloth ones, very pleasing.
  Why i was photographing these i also took new photos of the Maximillian knights, i took the old ones in poor light ,these are in better natural light.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

New 15mm Italian wars project taking shape.

Whilst i paint up some 15mm ECW Royalists , i am starting to formulate a new Italian wars project. I have recieved a starter order  from Bluemoon, footsore miniatures and magister militum as seen in photo.

Firstly the bluemoon Landsknechts, having removed a few from there packaging i can say they are real delightful sculpts and a worthy replacement for the lost Venexia range. They are the same size as testudo miniatures, on the 18mm size and are good clean sturdy sculpts, with a large variety per pack. I liked the old glory Landsknechts i painted but they were smaller and a bit delicate, easily bending at the ankles and a few actually broke at the ankles, Not likely these!
    Bluemoon are releasing what looks to be a substantial range for the Italian wars,  and it is fantastic that a manufacturer has finally done so, they are filling a huge gap in the 15/18mm market.

The pikes are from footsore miniatures and appear to be actual steel not copper or brass as some i have recieved in the past.

Finally i made an order to magister militum of gabions and artillery platforms and other bits and bobs to make some french artillery implacements, anyone who followed my last Italian wars spree may remember my Landsknecht battery below,

This time i will make two french artillery implacements.
  I aim to re commence this project in few months, which should give me time to polish of  my testudo ECW minis and Steelfist Landsknechts.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

15mm Wars of Roses.

Thats the last of the Lancastrian host. Flags are a mix of petes flags and hand painted.

The Earl of Devon and Edward prince of Wales retinues. Devons flags are petes flags and Edwards and lord Wenlock are hand painted  except for Edwards heraldic flag which is another of petes great prints.

                   The Duke of Exeter and Earl of Oxfords retinues, once again Oxfords flags are the superb petes flags prints and Exeters are hand painted.

I can now paint a project that is also of great interest to me, the English civil war. I have put it of for far to long and i was intending to make the ECW/TYW my main theme this year, until all the recent Italian wars releases that is. Still i will spend next few months painting a ECW Royalist army, i have had the testudo figures and  Wargame designs flag sheets sat waiting for a few years, with just a few regiments painted in that time as seen below, so for now its all for king and country!

Monday, 5 March 2018

28mm Steelfist Renaissance knights.

 It seems these days only the superbly sculpted and extreemly historicaly accurate, and very much into my historical time zone Steelfist miniatures could  make me even think of putting paint to 28mm figures.  I was very much consigned to 15mm only and have not touched a 28mm figure for at least 18 months or more.
  I have painted these wonderful mounted Renaissance knights straight from the art work of  Maximillians triumph, banners and all.

There is some very exciting stuff going on at Steelfist miniatures,with their new Landsknechts released recently,  i just had to get myself enough to make a 44 man pikebloc( also a nice sheet of petes flags to). they are certainly the very best  and most historically accurate 28mm Landsknechts out there and likely be the best ever produced, for along time to come.   My future painting plans have been more or less dictated to by manufacturers  recent releases, , i had given up on the Italian wars due to a lack of  fine figures to paint in  15mm, now suddenly the early Renaissance is coming to life, with Steelfist 28s and bluemoon and khurasan releasing or working on releasing what look to be excellent Italian wars ranges, things have never looked so good  and with only a bit of basing to finish of my wars of roses and a part complete 15mm ECW Royalist army in the way,  the italian wars has made a unexpected and welcome leap to the top of my wish list.

Steelfist Landsknechts safely arrived

Sunday, 25 February 2018

15mm Wars of Roses. Somersets battle

The Duke of Somersets battle, with Queen Margaret . All the flags hand painted.
 Somerset commanded the Lancastrian army at the battle of Tewkesbury in 1471.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Neville clan 15mm War of roses

Richard Neville Earl of Warwick  and his brother John Neville Marquess of Montagu.

And here is the leading Lancastrian nobles of the conflict in 1471.

from left to right: The fierce tempered Edmund Beaufort Duke of Somerset ; The She Devil Queen Margaret of Anjou : and the king maker Earl of Warwick.

And finally a couple of cannons of Warwick and Somerset.

Its nice to finally get some painted miniatures posted, besides the figures to paint  i have had to draw up a huge flag sheet and paint them too, time consuming by its self!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Bluemoon releases 15mm Landsknechts.

Bluemoon have released a rather nice looking Italian wars range. With the sad news that the venexia italian wars range has pretty much gone the way of the Dodo along with Sgt Major miniatures, this new range is welcome news to me at least. Looking at the images they appear to be very nice sculpts for the scale with plenty of variety.
  At the moment i am commited to finishing of the Lancastrian war of roses army(of which photos will follow soon) followed by my pile of testudo miniatures ECW which have waited attention toolong, but thanks to bluemoon a return to the Italian wars in the near future is assured.