Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A bit more 15mm Swiss and a future project!

I have added a bit more to the Swiss, handgunners and Crossbowmen and a start on the final part in the shape of 24 mounted light cavalry, making this army almost completed. It will then free me up to carry on with the Wars of the Roses with Richard III retenue on my must do list, and in matter of fact the good old Yorkists host as a hole is first to do!

                                                  THE SWISS

For some time i have looked into covering the HYW as  a future project, but the only figures i liked were the not available as of yet Corvus belli range, so never went any further with plans to paint up any armies of the period.  This has changed dramatically thanks to khurasan miniatures new and very nice 15mm late 14thc range, the figures look superb and by all accounts are at the larger end of 15mm scale which i prefer. Hopefully this range will be more substantial by the time i have completed the Wars of Roses.
 I have added a few photos of the figures from there sight for anyone who has not seen them.
                                    KHURASANS NEW LATE 14THC RANGE


  1. Wow, those Khurasan HYW figs look great! The quality of your heraldry makes them rather look like 28mm!

    1. Thanks, not my painting though, these are taken from there sight, who ever painted them has done a great job!

  2. Fantastic Swiss, I think the Light Cavalry are my favourites. I would love to see you do 14th century armies in 15mm (or 28mm to be honest!), I have always been terrified by all the heraldry!

  3. Lovely looking Swiss, the light cavalry are awesome! I look forward to you doing 100years war, I'm sure they'll be brilliant!
    Best Iain

  4. Thanks Oli and Iain, it would be a splendid sight creating all those french knights, the HYW would present a real challenge due to the amount of heraldry, but it would be a great project to end my 15mm medieval projects on!