Sunday, 1 May 2016

15mm. Italian wars II

I have not had much time to work on the 15mm collection over last month but have managed to add a few additions, albeit still in need of basing, which i will do when the Landsknecht pikebloc is completed!

This is the center bases of the Landsknecht bloc completed, with Command, halberds and standards with a few pikemen , the rest will be mostly pikemen.All flags are high quality paper prints from petes flags. 

The Duke of Bourbon, a french noble who rebelled against his king, francis I, and fought against him at the battle of Pavia in 1525, and was later killed in 1527 leading the Imperialist assault on Rome, or as it is better known , the sack of Rome!

                                          The figures are 15mm Essex

Finally, the Imperialist Artillery park grows. All are old glory.
And a special thanks to Oli at Camisado blog sight for pointing me to some great art work of the period depicting artillery of the time, it has helped me to choose the cannon colours, thanks Oli!


  1. They look just wonderful! This will be one impressive looking army!


  2. Greate work!
    The pokerblock Will be impressive!

  3. Hello,

    Superb painting !!


  4. Great looking landsknechts and gendarmes and lovely artillery, very impressive.
    Best Iain

  5. Spectacular and beautiful units!

  6. I'm glad you made good use of the references Chris - the guns and the rest of the figures look spectacular. These 15mm armies are going to be beautiful when they are complete.

    1. Thankyou Oli, indeed great references, and plenty of very cool art work to give inspiration to work from, thanks again!

  7. Beautiful painting yet again Chris, enhanced by Pete's flags.

  8. gosh! these are a colourful bunch of painted figures and flags/banners attachments too - lovely work Chris!