Thursday, 18 February 2016

Swiss Crossbows

Heres the start of the Crossbow units, in all i aim to have three units of nine figures. I have made the mistake of painting all the xbows with steel spans which the Swiss only adopted fully in the early 16th century so i will repaint most with wood and leave a few with steel ones as i am sure they must have used the many Burgundian steel ones they surely must have captured during the war with Charles the Bold!
Once the Crossbows are finished the final phase of this Swiss collection will be a unit of hand gunners, two artillery pieces and another command base and i may yet add 12 mounted light cavalry, but i wont be using the new light cavalry plastics as this will go against the rather all metal nature of this army, however i will certainly be looking at the plastic horse sprue's that can be purchased as they look far superior to the perry metal horses, and would give more pose variety.

                               Two central figures Perry with head swaps,Crossbows are Foundry.