Friday, 2 June 2017

More 15mm Burgundians

More additions to the Burgundian army. I decided to hold out with the Wars of Roses for now to get the Burgundian/Swiss armies completed, they have taken long enough! Almost all are Legio Heroica miniatures.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

15mm Burgundian skirmish troops.

A few additions. Crossbows in progress and Hand gunners finished and awaiting basing. All are the excellent Legio Heroica miniatures

Saturday, 15 April 2017

15mm Wars of Roses.Edward IV Battle.

Here is  Good King Edward IV and chums, ready to do battle.  All figures peter pig, and all flags are petes flags, bar one which i hand painted. Now i have the first WOtRs finished i am going to add a few more pieces to the 15mm Burgundians, then start on Richard III. Happy Easter.

Monday, 10 April 2017

15mm Burgundian light Cavalry

With Edward IV 15mm war of Roses battle completed and waiting to be based , i quickly returned to the Burgundians. These are part of what will be the last cavalry for this collection, in all 18 light cavalry mixed of Xbow and lance.

  As for the Wars of Roses, Pete of Petes flags has created a superb set of Richard III flags, as seen here, so i have ordered a couple of sheets, guess it only makes sense that Edward IV should have his loyal brothers Retinue at his side. I like this sheet as it will allow me to have Richard as Duke of Gloucester on foot and also i will be able to create a mounted command stand with him as King Richard III at Bosworth!

Friday, 3 March 2017

15mm WotR Edward IV battle I

Some work on Edwards battle. I have changed a few things with basing, and have started using 3mm thick bases for these WotR figures as i think the chunkier bases look better on these small scale minis, and i have left the base edges in their natural colour for now, i may paint the edges or just leave them as are, also i have tried out Nochs summer flowers fine grain scatter rather than using static grass, and like the results, so plan using it on all future WotR.

 The composition of Edwards battle will be 1 base men at arms, 2 bases billmen and 3 bases longbows and of course Edwards command base seen here, for other nobles retinues i may reduce it to 1 base men at arms 1 base billmen and 2 bases longbows plus the nobles command base.
     I am using Petes flags which are his usual excellence and really are adding some beauty and colour to the minis, but i will have to paint a few of my own for the last two bases.

                                  Edward IV with crowned helmet encourages his men forward

                                             Men at arms base and a base of Billmen